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    Course A
    Day 1 March.14. 2021 ◆Self-introduction & meetup timeDay 2 March.15. 2021 ◆Hakuhodo (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.Day 3 March.16. 2021 ◆Yusen logistics ThailandDay 4 March.17. 2021 ◆MITSUI & CO.,(THAILAND)LTD.Day 5 March.18. 2021 ◆Cultural Exchange farewell party

    Course B
    Day 1 March.21. 2021 ◆Self-introduction & meetup timeDay 2 March.22. 2021 ◆NHKDay 3 March.23. 2021 ◆SMBC Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationDay 4 March.24. 2021 ◆Mitsubishi CorporationDay 5 March.25. 2021 ◆Cultural Exchange farewell party

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    (1)From a pamphlet displayed and/or placed around at the university(2)From a person handing out the pamphlet(3)From a teacher(4)From other students(5)From a facebook of Japan Student Services Organization(6)From other web site(7)From Global Study staffs(8)JEDUCATION(9)others

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    There is a possibility that face-to-face global study and ONLINE global study program will be held in the future.
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    **Please note that this program may be cancelled due to minimum required applicants from Japanese students.
    The minimum is 10 Japanese students.
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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